Terms & Conditions

Effective Date: March 20, 2024

1. Definitions and Concepts

1.1. Agreement – this agreement.
1.2. Software – copy of a computer program.
1.3. Site – the Internet website: https://alfacast.net.
1.4. Seller – Individual Entrepreneur Roman Shpuntov. The Seller holds the intellectual property right to the Software made available on the Site.
1.5. Buyer, User – an individual purchasing the Product on the Site with the purpose of using it.
1.6. Site Service – the Site software enabling the Buyer to interact with the Seller for buying the Product and paying the Product via the Site.
1.7. Product, License Key – the product sold by the Seller on the Site.
1.8. License Key Digital Code – alphanumerical content of the License Key.
1.9. License Key Activation – the process of registering the License Key on the activation server located in the Internet using the Software.
1.10. License Key Deactivation – the process of annulling the License Key to prevent further fully-featured use of the Software.

2. Subject Matter of the Agreement

2.1. This Agreement defines the relations between the Seller and a legally capable customer Buyer (an individual) who has accepted this transaction offer for acquisition of the Product.
2.2. The Seller makes the Site available to the Buyer to use it for acquisition of Products for personal ends against compensation on the terms of a simple non-exclusive licence valid in all countries throughout the world.
2.3. The Software is distributed free of charge via links on the Site. The Seller only sells License Keys for the Software.
2.4. The fact of purchasing the Product made available on the Website amounts to the Buyer’s accepting the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

3. Terms of Use

3.1. After downloading the Software the User can evaluate its work in the test mode (if such mode is provided).
3.2. The Software performance quality depends on the User’s equipment. The User should test the Software for compatibility with their equipment using the free version of the Software or its free demo period (if applicable).
3.3. The User should provide a high quality network connection and equipment for proper work of the Software. The User equipment shall mean the following: all the equipment necessary for the Software functioning present in the User’s network connection circuit (User’s devices, router, TV-set, PC, mobile phone or tablet, etc.).
3.4. The Software supports various types of network connection:
3.4.1. Direct connection without a router or any other intermediate net node.
3.4.2. An intermediate connection with a router or any other intermediate net node.
3.5. If the User is not satisfied with the quality of the transmitted signal, the methods for improving the quality of the transmitted signal and troubleshooting any problems are available for the User either on the Site or in the Software user manual.
3.6. For fully-featured use of the Software the User should purchase and activate the License Key. The License Key is activated with the help of the Software.
3.7. The User can activate the License Key as many times as it is specified in the Product description. Each License Key Activation can be performed on different User’s devices.
3.8. Each new License Key Activation links (associates) the User’s device equipment current configuration with the License Key. The License Key Activation process uses current information about configuration of the equipment on which the Software is running at that moment.
3.9. A repeat License Key Activation is only possible if the User hasn’t interfered and changed the configuration of the device on which the initial License Key Activation was performed. A repeat License Key Activation on the same device on which the initial License Key Activation was performed is not guaranteed by the Seller.
3.10. The User cannot deactivate the License Key.
3.11. The Software requires a stable internet connection both during the License Key Activation process and after its successful completion. A stable internet connection is also required for a periodic check of the User’s License Key integrity with the help of the activation server facilities.
3.12. The server performing the License Key activation and check is available 24/7 except emergencies related to: the server breakdown; repair works performed by the Seller or the data center; maintenance of the server equipment or other unforeseen circumstances. Duration of unavailability of the activation server cannot be known in advance.
3.13. Correct work of the Software depends on the Buyer’s equipment and generally the Seller grants no guarantee for this.

4. The Parties Obligations and Rights

4.1. The Seller obligations:
4.1.1. Ensure 24/7 work of the Site except when the Site cannot be accessed for reasons beyond the Seller’s control (the User not having the required software, access to the Internet, actions of Internet providers, electricity companies, impact of computer viruses or malicious software, etc.), as well as during maintenance works for repairing faults and errors in the Site performance, introducing new functions and Site Services.
4.1.2. Render information support for License Key Activation process, Software, and other consultations on the Products available on the Site.
4.1.3. Take common technical and organizational measures aimed at protection of the User personal data and other information. The User personal data are not disclosed to third parties except for the cases stipulated by the legislation in force of the Republic of Armenia, and the cases expressly specified herein.
4.1.4. Refund the User the money paid by them in compensation for the Product in the cases provided for in Section 9 hereof.
4.1.5. Adhere to privacy policy.

4.2. The Seller rights:
4.2.1. Suspend the Product sales temporarily if it is necessary for recovering the Site performance.
4.2.2. The Seller is entitled to modify and/or amend this Agreement at his own discretion at any time without prior and/or subsequence notification of the User. The Seller shall publish the amendments hereto on this webpage of the Site. The User’s continuing to use the Site Services for purchasing the Products after any such amendments shall mean their agreement with any such modifications and/or amendments. Regularly visiting this page for reviewing the current version of the Agreement is one of the User’s obligations. The latest version of the Agreement supersedes any previous agreements and correspondence between the Seller and the Buyer.
4.2.3. Refuse closing a transaction with the User if the User’s actions will prevent normal performance of the Site or Software.
4.2.4. Use the email addresses, mobile phone numbers and other contact data enter by the User on the Site when ordering the Product for sending promotional information. The User allows the Seller sending to their email, as well as other contacts entered on the Site when purchasing the Product, the information (including of promotional character) in the form of text messages and/or graphic images.

4.3. The User obligations:
4.3.1. Before purchasing the Product on the Site the User should carefully read this Agreement, other information on the Site related to the procedure and rules of acquiring the Product, and keep track of their changes on the Site.
4.3.2. Adhere to the prohibitions and limitations established herein.
4.3.3. Respect the copyright legislation of the Republic of Armenia and use the Product only for personal non-commercial purposes.
4.3.4. The Buyer is responsible for keeping the Products (License Keys) acquired on the Site out of reach of any third parties. It is impossible to recover a lost License Key by the Buyer’s request.
4.3.5. The Buyer shall not disclose the License Key Digital Code to any third parties. If the Buyer compromises, discloses, reveals (by their action or inaction) the License Key Digital Code, the Seller has the right to deactivate the Buyer’s License Key without any prior notice.
4.3.6. The Buyer shall provide a stable Internet connection for the License Key Activation and fully-featured operation of the Software.

4.4. User’s rights:
4.4.1. Order, pay, and get the Product via the Site Services.
4.4.2. Request a refund of the money paid for the Product (less third parties’ fees) in the cases provided for in Section 9 hereof.

5. The Product Price and Settlement Procedure

5.1. The price of a particular Product is shown on the Site pages.
5.2. Paying for the Product is carried out at the moment of the User completing the actions of paying for the selected particular Product via the Site Services.
5.3. The transactions carried out via the Site Services use the payment systems specified on the Site. The Buyers shall pay any third parties’ fees applicable to the Product payment by themselves and from their own funds.

6. Price Policy

6.1. All the prices shown on the Site are effective for the day of purchase. The Seller is entitled to change the Product prices at his own discretion. The Product price shown on the Site is not negotiable.
6.2. The main currency on the Site is Armenian dram. The Site prices can be shown in several currencies at the same time, for example: Armenian dram, US dollar. If the Buyer pays the Product on the Site in a currency different from Armenian dram, then the Buyer’s currency will be converted to Armenian drams during the purchase. The Site prices in any currency other than Armenian dram are tentative, they are provided solely for the Buyer’s convenience when purchasing the Product.
6.3. The Seller may sometimes offer a discount for a Product available on the Site. The Seller reserves the right to choose which Buyers can receive a discount.

7. Procedure and Timeframe for Selling the Product

7.1. The Buyer can order and pay the chosen Product available on the Site via the Site Services.
7.2. After receiving the Buyer’s payment for the Product, the Seller will immediately share the License Key with the Buyer, and sell an email to the addressed entered when paying for the Product. This email will also contain the License Key information and other useful information about the completed purchase.
7.3. The License Key Activation becomes accessible to the Buyer immediately after a successfully completed payment of the Product on the Site to the Seller’s bank account. In case of problems with the License Key Activation or any other problems with receiving the Product the Buyer shall address the Seller with the relevant request within 24 hours.
7.4. The User shall get information support on the License Key Activation by email correspondence. The Seller shall answer the User request sent via email within 24 hours from receiving this request from the User.

8. Parties’ Liability and Guarantees

Seller liability:
8.1. The Seller guarantees due performance of his obligations hereunder and shall be fully liable for their violation in accordance with the Republic of Armenia legislation. In any case the Seller’s liability is limited to the Product cost related to which any kind of claims may arise.
8.2. The Seller is not liable for the Buyer’s not receiving the Product if the Buyer does not have access to the Site (email) via the Internet for reasons beyond the Seller’s control (the User not having the required software, access to the Internet, actions of Internet providers, electricity companies, impact of computer viruses or malicious software, etc.).
8.3. The Seller is not liable for any indirect, accidental, unintentional damage including but not limited to loss of data, damage to honour, dignity or business reputation, loss of opportunity caused by using the Site, the Site Services or the Software, its components and materials access to which was received via them, even if the Seller warned about possibility of such damage.

Buyer liability:
8.4. The Buyer shall be fully liable for due performance of the Buyer’s obligations hereunder.

9. Procedure for Returning the Product and Refunding the Money

9.1. If a free test period is envisaged for the Software for checking out its functionality, the Seller recommends the Buyer to fully study the Software features within the test period and decide on expediency of purchasing the Product on the Site.
9.2. No claims related to the quality of the signal transmitted by the Software, quality of the User’s network connection or other claims related to the Buyer’s equipment shall be accepted and no refund of the money paid for the Product is possible in this case.
9.3. Refunding money for the Product is possible in the following case:
9.3.1. It has been maximum 5 days since the moment of purchase when the Buyer has detected a significant error, fault or defect in the Software. In this case the Buyer shall provide a detailed description of their problem: the sequence of the Buyer’s actions to reproduce this problem; the equipment used by the User, including the manufacturer of the terminal equipment, model of the used devices, their year of manufacture, and other information essential for establishing presence of the problem; a system report about the error (if available); a graphic copy of the device desktop screen or its video recording at the moment of the failure (if available).
9.4. When returning the Product, the Buyer shall provide the following information:
9.4.1. Type of the Product purchased on the Site.
9.4.2. Receipt or bill of sale confirming payment for the Product.
9.4.3. Precise date of purchasing the Product on the Site stating the day, month, and year.
9.4.4. Site order number.
9.4.5. Other non-confidential Information about the order for specifying the details, if requested.
9.5. Refunding will be carried out within 7 business days using the same method which was used for payment.
9.6. The Seller shall not refund the Buyer any taxes or fees paid when buying the Product or any other amount retained for transferring the money to the Buyer’s account.

10. Dispute Resolution

10.1. All the disputes shall be resolved by negotiations between the Seller and the Buyer. If the Seller and the Buyer cannot come to an agreement, then the dispute shall be resolved by the authorized judicial body in accordance of the Republic of Armenia legislation.

11. Force Majeure

11.1. The Seller and the Buyer shall not be liable to each other for any delay, non-performance of obligations due to circumstances arising beyond the will and control of the Seller or the Buyer which could not have been foreseen or avoided, including a declared or actual war, civil disorder, epidemics, blockade, embargo, earthquakes, floods, fires and other natural disasters.

12. Prohibitions and Limitations

12.1. The User is prohibited to use the Site and the Software in any way which may prevent their proper functioning.
12.2. The User is prohibited to perform any actions constituting deceptive advertising, adverse publicity of the Product, the Site, the Seller, the Software.
12.3. The User is prohibited to hand over rights for the purchased Product to third parties.
12.4. The User is prohibited to decompile the Software (transform the object code into source text) and modify components of the Software or the Site, including by committing other persons to perform such actions.
12.5. The User is prohibited to make any changes in the Software object code.
12.6. The User is prohibited to perform any other actions violating international law with the Software or the Site.

13. Seller’s Details

IP Roman Shpuntov
INN / TIN (TAX number): 40111685
IP Registration number: 273.1266889
Address: The Republic of Armenia, Yerevan, Tumanyan str. 9A
Email: alfacast.net@gmail.com