Serverless Technology

We live in the 21st century and our world is changing dynamically, new data transfer technologies are appearing. There are various methods of receiving and transmitting information on the Internet. The main and oldest method of user interaction with the network is the client-server technology. Every day more and more new methods of data transfer appear: distributed systems, decentralized systems, serverless technologies, etc. Now new technologies use more advanced data transfer protocols than before, including peer-to-peer data transfer. The development of these technologies contributes to the further advancement of technological progress.

Alfacast does not need intermediate servers. Intermediate server systems are complex to operate, expensive, and need ongoing support. Alfacast uses serverless technology in the truest sense.

The application already has automatic detection of all users within the network, as well as a video streamer and a viewer. The application does not limit the number of users within the network, all you need to do is just configure your router (or use default router configuration) and connect to it. Thus, using the settings of the router, you yourself can limit the number of users and make other settings. The main idea of ​​alfacast is to simplify the use of complex technologies to regular people.