Peer-to-Many Technology

Today, each of us has a mobile phone, a smart TV, computer, laptop, etc. Each of us is familiar with the search for compatible software for different platforms. For example: applications for Google Android are not always friends with applications on Apple iOS system. Usually the search for compatible software is complicated by the fact that at the moment the choice of applications and software is so great that sometimes developers themselves get confused and do not know what is better to use. Thus, the right selection of software for your devices can save you time.

We developed the alfacast system initially as cross-platform and it does not matter what kind of device or OS you have: a tablet, a TV, a laptop, iOS, Windows or something else. The main distinguishing feature of alfacast is peer-to-many technology combined with serverless streaming technology. The combination of these two technologies makes our system unique. We made a system for several platforms, which allows users to use the latest technologies presented on the world market.