4K Ultra HD Resolution

A few years ago, users watched television and could not imagine the possibility of streaming video signal on their own. Then came the era of digital video broadcasting. The pursuit of the resolution of the video signal has led us to 4K television, streaming of high-definition video, as well as the ability to independently transfer our video content to other users in high quality. Technological progress does not stand still and 8K TVs and other devices are already appearing that allow you to view this kind of video signal.

The extended version of alfacast supports streaming video up to 4K resolution. The application automatically detects in which resolution the broadcast will occur. Alfacast analyzes the resolution of your display and capture, the capabilities of your system, the maximum characteristics of the codec, as well as other parameters, and as a result decides on the required resolution of the video stream. Of course, there is also a manual mode and user can select the desired resolution of the video stream. In the regular version of alfacast, the resolution of the video stream is always SD quality.