Microsoft Windows Desktop & UWP Apps

Alfacast supports both paradigms: Microsoft Desktop and Microsoft UWP (Universal Windows Platform). The user can choose the most suitable version for use in Microsoft Windows OS. Desktop app supports: Windows 7/8.1/10/11, UWP app supports Windows 10/11. The UWP version also supports Microsoft Xbox devices.

There are some advantages of the desktop app version over the UWP app version:
• Desktop app has better CPU performance, there is no Microsoft UWP layer here
• This is a more universal solution for Microsoft Windows. This application supports Microsoft Windows 7/8.1/10/11
• More easy to use. It is a native desktop application for Windows and many users already have experience with this OS and desktop applications
• The desktop application works even if you minimize it to the system taskbar
• There is support for older versions of Microsoft Windows 7/8.1

Both versions of the alfacast app are good to use, but when choosing between these versions, please keep in mind the benefits of the desktop version of the app. Of course, if you are using it on Xbox then you have no choice and you have to use the UWP version of the app. You can find download links here