Refund policy

Effective date: August 4, 2023

Thank you for purchasing our product. We may issue refunds for purchases made on our website if certain conditions are met. The conditions for returning goods are described below.

General terms

Buyer – the user of out product

Product – any product on our web site

Our product is associated with the equipment of the end-user. Please test our paid product for compatibility with your equipment using the free version of the product, or using the free demo period (if it applicable).
Our product is associated with a quality network connection. Our product supports different types of network connection:

  • Direct connection, without the participation of a router or any other intermediate node
  • Intermediate connection, with the participation of a router or any other intermediate node

The user’s equipment must be able to provide a good network connection for our product to function properly. If the user is not satisfied with the quality of the transmitted signal, then the user always has the opportunity to get acquainted with methods for improving signal quality and eliminating various problems either on our website or in our product. Claims about the quality of the signal, the quality of the network connection are not accepted and refunds for our products in this case is not possible. About user equipment: this is all necessary equipment that is present in the connection scheme (some end-user devices, router, TV, personal computer, mobile phone or tablet, etc).

We do not refund any tax or fee by the buyer when purchasing goods or any other amount of money associated with withholding funds for making a transfer to our account.
This refund policy can be changed or appended.

Return conditions

In some of our products, there is free test demo period to perform functionality. In this case, we recommend the user to fully learn our product during the provided free test demo period and evaluate the feasibility of the purchase. It is possible to do refund for our products only in the following case:

  • Return within 5 days from the date of purchase if the buyer has identified a serious error or malfunction in our product. In this case. The buyer must provide a detailed description of the problem:
    a) The sequence of actions to reproduce this problem
    b) Description of user equipment: device manufacturer, model, year of manufacture and other information
    c) System report about this error (if this is possible)
    d) Provide a copy of the desktop screen at the time of the malfunction (if this is possible)

When returning, the buyer must provide the following information:

  • The type of product that was purchased
  • Receipt or invoice

Refunds are made by the same method as the payment, within 7 working days.