Netstream technology

Alfacast app is implemented on Netstream technology. Netstream is modern peer-to-peer and peer-to-many UDP based transport and streaming technology. Here we provide short description about this technology. This is full serverless technology in the truest sense of the word. Usually the system environment contains network nodes. The node is a device (Smartphone, PC, Mac, Tablet PC, etc) with Netstream technology runtime instance. All nodes in the same network are connected to the each other. Discovery mechanism uses UDP broadcast protocol. Data transfer is carried out from one node to another via a direct UDP unicast protocol. Netstream technology includes stack of protocols: discovery protocol, multimedia streaming protocol, transport protocol and others. This is proprietary technology.

Netstream technology features

• Automatic nodes discovery inside local area network
• Support for an unlimited number of network interfaces. The discovery process is performed simultaneously on all network interfaces
• Unlimited the number of network nodes inside one local area network
• Discovery mechanism uses UDP broadcast protocol
• Data transfer protocol uses UDP unicast protocol
• Serverless peer-to-peer data transmission technology
• Serverless peer-to-many data transmission technology
• No dependency from audio / video codec
• No dependency from maximum video signal resolution
• Encryption is carried out using end-to-end technology
• Traffic encryption is carried out using technologies: RSA / AES-128 / AES-256
• Current implementation supports H.264 video codec. Hardware accelerated video codecs are used
• Current implementation supports video resolution up to 4K Ultra HD quality
• Current implementation uses Opus audio codec with 64 kbps bitrate
• Cross-platform technology