Peer-to-Peer Technology

Peer-to-peer (p2p) technology is one of the oldest in the world. Everything that happens without the participation of a third party (or with its minimal participation) is a p2p interaction. Every day, people come across this approach: buying products in a store without an intermediary, paperwork without a proxy, renting a car directly is all a p2p interaction. The effectiveness and appropriateness of such an approach can hardly be underestimated; you do not pay a third party for its services. As a result, it saves your time and material resources.

Alfacast uses p2p technology in the most efficient way. There are systems in which a third party (server) is directly involved in the user discovery process or something else. Our system does not use intermediate servers – we consider this approach obsolete and outdated. We designed our system in order to minimize the influence of a third party on alfacast. We made a true p2p system.